BBHR: The Company

About the Company

There are many small to medium size companies and start ups that do not have a Human Resources (HR) presence. These companies are not compliant in some of the mandatory compliance policies with the government. Some companies do not realize the value or the importance of Human Resources.

Why is Human Resources important?

  • There is a misconception that HR is about hiring and terminating employees. Did you know that every function of a company involves HR. HR affects all aspects of an organization.

  • Building Blocks HR (BBHR) is not a company that offers the every day HR consulting, for example recruiting for you. BBHR is so much more! We are helping to build your HR from the ground up! We build your programs and implement your HR systems!

  • Building Blocks HR (BBHR) is a company that will build the basics of HR to keep a company compliant and legal.

  • Then BBHR can create other programs and build an HR department of the future, that will motivate and increase morale.

Providing a unique perspective.