About the Owner

Why a career in Human Resources (HR)?

People are my passion! One of my strengths is building relationships both internally and externally. I love to build programs and help others succeed in their jobs.

How many years have you been in HR?

29 years

What is your educational background?

My educational background is unique. I have a diploma in Information Technology and programing and then went back to school and have a BA in Sociology. I am also certified as a leader of Human Resources with the HRPA. And of course, as an HR professional, I have continued to upgrade and keep current in HR.

What positions have you held in HR?

The last three HR positions have been executive positions which were Head of HR.

What types of companies have you worked for?

I have worked in different companies, industries, both small and some very large companies, including start-ups. My uniqueness comes from the ability to adapt to different environments through working in retail, food services, professional services, technology and healthcare.


What makes you qualified in HR?

My skills and qualifications are vast. I started in payroll, benefits and compensation and grew my generalist skills from there. I have skills in employee relations, vision and culture building, change management, HR strategy, performance management, rewards and recognition, organizational development, talent management and acquisition and much more. I was able to build on my skills from every company I worked. This has now allowed me to help other companies to build their HR.

Do you have a unique skill that some HR professionals may not?

My uniqueness comes from having the ability to tie HR and operations together and work with a company to build on the two. Operations is one of the most important functions in a company. When you tie the two together, you build a best to work company. When you marry the two functions, you build a best to work company.

What types of programs have you developed?

There are so many! When you are building the HR infrastructure from the ground up, you start with the essentials of HR and keep building from there. HR is like puzzle pieces, building blocks that fit together. I have implemented Human Resources integrated systems, payroll system, sales programs, organizational charts, learning management system, performance management, talent management, succession planning, recognition programs, e-learning, policies and procedures, compensation, benefits, rewards, communications programs, wellness programs and much more. Some of these programs and systems have been in short periods of time.

Why did you decide to create your own business?

I enjoy being able to create and build programs, that is my niche. The thought of being able to accomplish this for many companies, sparks a fire in me.